About Mexican Mama


Mexican Mama was formed in 2018, and it started with a craving, a craving for the food I missed from back home. The more I missed the food from Mexico, the more I found myself talking about it. As I explained to my new friends in the UK about the amazing recipes I used to make, with such wonderful ingredients as achiote and guajillo chillies, I could see my friend’s curiosity growing, until they were as hungry for this home-cooked food as I was!!

Unfortunately, whenever I tried to make these traditional Mexican meals here in the UK, I could never find all the ingredients needed and it was such a shame not to be able to share these great dishes with my friends
(especially as it was me who made them hungry for them in the first place!). It was then I decide that I would import these ingredients myself and so Mexican Mama was born. The aim was to not only share everything I love about the food
of my country with my friends, but to also make it as easy as possible for them to enjoy making the same dishes I grew up with in Mexico.

To do this we at Mexican Mama set about working with some of the major brands in Mexico to bring all those familiar products you’d find in the tiendas of Mexico to the pages of our website! But we didn’t stop there. Something magical about Mexican food is the regional varieties of produce and the amazing local products that come from all 32 states of our beautiful country. We spoke to many amigos about what they missed from their hometown and looked to bring as many local products to the store as we could and continue adding new favourites
with each container we bring to the UK.

But it’s not just about the cooking. Something we Mexicans love is our sweets and snacks and let’s face it, no one snacks like the Mexicans!! However, not surprisingly, chilli covered tamarind is not available in every corner shop in the UK and when it comes to crisps you just can’t beat the fiery flavours of
crisps like Takis Fuego!! We had to make these snacks available for you to try in the UK and for our Mexican friends, nothing brings back happy childhood memories like enjoying the sweets you grew up with as a child.

Did someone say fiesta? We know how to party in Mexico, and we
certainly know what makes a good party here at Mexican Mama! We’ve stocked the highest quality Tequila and Mezcal as well as your favourite beers and all you need for the perfect michelada. If you need a costume, we can help with that also!

We are continuously adding to our range of products so you can always find something new to try. We work closely with fellow Mexican ex-pats here in the UK to provide a range of fresh produce such as seasonal breads for Día de Muertos as well as our famous fresh tamales! Which, like all our products are available for delivery straight to your door.

Since opening the doors to our warehouse in Peckham, South London we have been sending a little piece of Mexico to all parts of the UK and Europe.

Our growing loyal customer base has helped us top Trustpilot’s Mexican Grocery Store category with over 1,000 reviews.  So, whether you are looking for a spicy sauce or a costume for your themed party, everything we stock from the kitchen cupboard to the drink’s cabinet is 100% Mexican and we can’t wait to share it with you, bringing mi casa to yours!!

Mama xx